Welcome to Rocky Meadows Campground.
We hope you enjoy your stay.

Strict rules are necessary in order to operate & maintain our campground.
Our goal is to provide a campground that we can be proud of and one that you will be glad to visit. 

It is your responsibility to inform your guests of the rules.

  1. Full payment of site rental is due upon arrival (no cheques accepted) NO REFUNDS.

  2. Check out time is NOON.
    Please re-register the day ahead of checkout to extend your stay.
    (monthly rentals must re-register one week ahead of checkout).
    We reserve the right to move site reservations as we deem necessary due to other bookings.

  3. Small, quiet pets are welcome (size and breed at management’s discretion).
    Pets must be on a SHORT leash at all times.
    Pets are NOT to be left unattended.
    Any dog that shows aggression or barks excessively will be asked to leave.

  4. Pet owners are responsible in cleaning up after their pets at all times.
    This includes all grass, treed, and gravel areas.
    Please do not use showers for cleaning pets.

  5. Loud or offensive noise will not be tolerated at any time.
    No ATVs, outdoor music, or loud vehicles.
    Please be courteous to other guests around you.
    Inconsiderate tenants will be asked to leave.


  7. Tenants are responsible for keeping their site clean and tidy at all times.
    It is the responsibility of all campers to clean up their site prior to departure or a cleanup fee of $20/hour (minimum charge 1hr) will be applied to your credit card.
    If we must clean your site in order to do routine lawn maintenance, a fee will apply.

  8. We ask that ALL extension cords, hoses, cables, etc be visible for the grass cutter.
    Failure to do so may result in damages to these items.

  9. Firepits are not for garbage.
    Please, put garbage in the bins provided so we do not attract bears.

  10. Please dispose of any cigarette butts in the fire pit or ashtray, and NOT on the ground.

  11. Please do not wash vehicles or RVs in the campground.

  12. Firewood can be purchased from management.
    Please do NOT disturb or cut the trees (Fallen or standing on the property).

  13. The Showerhouse/Laundry Room facilities are non-smoking areas.
    Please help assist us in keeping these facilities clean, as they are for everyone’s use.

  14. Visitors must register before entering & leave by 10pm.

  15. A proper sewer connection is required.
    Absolutely NO feminine sanitary products or disposable towels are to be flushed through camper toilets due to campsite sewers being connected to a rural septic system.

  16. Our water is from a well, is clean and tested regularly, and therefore is safe for consumption.
    Please be advised that our water is treated with an iron filter & a salt-based water softener.

Your help is appreciated. Please notify management of anything that requires attention.
We will not be responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of property.

We reserve the right to evict without prior notice anyone who, in our judgment, creates a disturbance or deliberately breaks any of the campground rules.

No repayment of fees will be made in event of such eviction.
Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.